WiFi Magic by Mandic

There is no Secret

Connect to the internet for free thru the largest social network of public WiFI passwords with more than 2 million hotspots…and counting!

WiFi Magic is a social network for public WiFi passwords

Public WiFi Spots are networks located in restaurants, hotels, beauty parlors, schools, etc where the access is open to patrons and you have to ask for the password to access.

We are a collaborative app between users, who help each other by updating the data with new WiFi spots and their passwords, allowing the upcoming users to automatically fetch them. WiFi Magic has no access to your or your neighbor’s password and router.

WiFi Magic has the password information of hotspots from all over the world including remote locations, such as, Greenland, Patagonia and countries in Central Africa.

Benefits of using WiFi Magic

Save on your mobile data plan. Most of our data now resides in the cloud: photos, videos, email – resulting in more expensive data plans. WiFi Magic helps you save money!

Roaming savings – ….the use of expensive roaming fees during trips abroad and out of state.

Battery savings….

Millions of WiFi Spots

We offer millions of passwords from WiFi spots all over the world. You’ll always be connected wherever you go!

Worldwide Coverage

Our users share hundreds of public WiFi paswords every minute. No matter where you are, we can provide you with a password nearby to connect.

Offline Map

If you are taking a trip, search your destination in the app and save the map of the public WiFi spots of your destination. You’ll always be connected for free!

Rewards Program

Earn points by entering a new WiFi hotspot, accessing a new spot, making a comment or taking a pictures of the place where you are connected. Your points may be worth prizes!

Real Time Access

Watch in real time where WiFi Magic is being accessed worldwide!


WiFi Magic is great! It helps me connect into public places.It is very easy to use and I find passwords in all of the places I travel to. Antonio Dudra

WiFi Magic user since 2013

I can connect to any pub or nightclub that I usually go. I also save big on my data plan. Maria Eduarda

WiFi Magic user since 2017

As soon as I installed the app, I entered several passwords from places I am a regular. Now other patrons can access the WiFi spot also and I’m earning points! Silvio Arruda

WiFi Magic user since 2012

Who We Are

Aleksandar Mandic (In Memoriam) – Founder

Eduardo Mauro – Founder / Advisor